Breath Liberation Society 

400-hour Breathwork Training

Imagine confidently sharing the power of Breathwork with your friends, clients, and community. 

Get access to 24+ people in the field of Breathwork and Healing Arts, Monthly gatherings, and more!
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You want the confidence and tools to step into your power as a Breathwork Facilitator. 

Breathwork has made a profound difference in your life and you are ready to go deeper. 

You are looking for a pathway to share this transformative practice with your community. 

Have you searched for breathwork trainings? Only to find programs that were missing some key things?

✔ A diverse faculty
✔ Trauma-Informed Care components
✔ A commitment to accessibility

Or perhaps

You only found options that centered on someone who doesn't reflect your life, values, or community?

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We are:

💜 Inclusive

💜 Diverse

💜 Trauma-informed

💜 Committed to liberation & transformation through the breath.


  • Feeling so connected to your breath that it becomes a tool for less stress, more joy, and boosted creativity that you can access whenever you need it. 
  • A learning environment designed to support you through a trauma informed lens, that teaches you how to offer the same support to your clients. 
  • Helping your clients feel their feelings and release experiences and emotions they have been carrying their whole life.
  • Now imagine doing all of this in a community that centers people of diverse backgrounds and lived experiences. A community that acknowledges systems of oppression. A community that is gender affirming and celebrates individuality.

This is what we offer at Breath Liberation Society.

A breathwork community that welcomes our uniqueness and amplifies the voices of many to create a learning experience that addresses the REAL world that we live in. 

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Here is What You Will Learn

How to deepen your breathwork practice.

How breathing relates to the nervous system.

Practitioner Ethics 

How to navigate possible client experiences.

Session structure for private and group sessions.

Business of Breathwork

We Offer

✦ 400 hours of training in two one-year programs. Facilitator Training and Advanced Training and Mentorship. After completion of the Facilitator Training, you will be able to lead private breathwork sessions, and groups confidently. After completion of the Advanced Training and Mentorship, students will be able to apply for full accreditation. 

✦ Monthly virtual training sessions

✦ The NEW! Facilitator Playbook including lectures, downloadable workbooks, and guides.  

✦ Apiary Library: The knowledge and wisdom of 20 breathwork and energy work facilitators

✦ Supervised facilitation experience 

✦ All together totaling over 60 hours of recorded content that you can work through at your own pace

Course Dates

Facilitator Training is offered twice a year, with a max of 12 participants per cohort. The fall 2024 training dates are as follows:

Orientation - Thursday, August 29 at 12-2 pm EST

Opening Ceremony - Thursday, September 5 at 12- 3 pm EST

Live Training Sessions: Thursday 12-6 pm EST 

10/3/24, 11/7/24, 12/5/24, 1/9/25,  2/6/25, 3/6/25, 4/3/25

May June and July are self-study with support

Closing Ceremony: Thursday, August 17, 2025 at 12-3 pm EST


Breathwork Love

“The Breath Liberation Society Breathwork Facilitator training course is one of a kind. What a gift to learn this magic from so many perspectives, each one as valid as the next. Trauma-informed presence is so vital to supporting folx on their healing journeys. Anti-racism and inclusivity are imperative for healing facilitation to be authentic and whole. Participating in this program filled me with gratitude. Thank you Chauna and the Apiary!" — SS

"Breath Liberation Society has a unique approach, with a real, hands on, "walk the talk" method when it comes down to diversity & inclusion. The program is structured around a myriad of facilitators rather than around just one "guru". The result is a teaching that is at core aligned with the deep collective values that it is teaching. That changes everything! And behind that master plan, people who are truly dedicated to provide a coherent, cohesive, complete training. 5 Stars." — CM

Meet Chauna

Chauna Bryant (she/her) is a Breathwork Meditation facilitator, Pilates instructor, and GYROTONIC®️ instructor. She is dedicated to body and mind rejuvenation. With 15 years of experience, Chauna assists her clients in the cultivation of their mind, body, and breath alignment. She revolutionizes her multiple practices by integrating her multiple expertise into enriching client-specific experiences. With her methods, dedicated Pilates clients cultivate stronger, leaner bodies while benefiting from breath activating energy work. Participants in her private, group, and corporate Breathwork Meditation sessions benefit from her multifaceted experience and singular approach. Chauna offers Virtual breathing circles at inclusive pricing: a sliding scale pay structure and scholarships are available, when possible. You can catch her free, guided Breathwork Meditations, on YouTube, InsightTimer, and InstagramTV. 

The Apiary (aka guest teachers) includes community members and facilitators 

Susan Ateh


Holding Space

Zaneta Sykes

(they/ them)


Jennifer Patterson


Use of Language & Sliding Scale

Regina Rocke


Working with Anger


Jordan Deer Heart (she/her)

Ancestral Work

Eryn Johnson



Amy Kurestky


Practioner Ethics

Cathleen Meredith


Radical Acceptance

Christine O’Connor



Pay In Full


Most Popular (Save $100!)

  • Monthly virtual meetings
  • Supervision and supported independent study
  • Access to the Apiary Library (learn from 24+ Breathworkers)
  • Text book

Payment Plan


4 monthly payments

  • Monthly virtual meetings
  • Supervision and supported independent study
  • Access to the Apiary Library (learn from 24+ Breathworkers)
  • Textbook

Payment Plan


6 monthly payments

  • Monthly virtual meetings
  • Supervision and supported independent study
  • Access to the Apiary Library (learn from 24+ Breathworkers)
  • Textbook

**Longer payment plans available upon request**


The Facilitator training is for:

✦  People who are passionate about breathwork, and excited to share it with their friends and community. 

✦  Self starters who are motivated to learn on their own, and thrilled to be joining a community of like minded folx.

✦  People who are well versed in healthy coping mechanisms as we will explore some serious topics that will likely stir up emotions. (Be prepared to self -soothe and/or reach for outside support if necessary.)

✦  People who have access to a strong internet connection and the tech resources to participate fully in the online live classes and practice sessions.

✦  Queer folx, black folx, trans folx, differently-abled folx, people of color and anyone who is committed to being in community and of service to ALL people.

The Facilitator training is NOT for:

✦  If you will be missing more than 6 hours of live content or one module of the live teaching sessions.

✦  Anyone who wants to ignore critical thinking, follow a script during healing sessions, and be led guru style.

✦  Anyone who is looking for one-on-one mentorship as they become a facilitator. In this course, we learn and grow together as a group. One on One support will not be available. 

✦  Those who are expecting location-specific or legal business advice (taxes, business filings, marketing). While we will address standard business practices for Breathwork, we will not be covering how to individually structure or promote your services. 

✦  Anyone who believes that healing spaces should be exclusive and limited to only a chosen few. 

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Breathwork Love

“This course was so groundbreaking for me! I’m still engulfed in the information shared and relationships formed. I am so grateful and thankful! If you are interested in becoming a Breathwork Facilitator than this is where you need to be.” - SG

Are you GPBA accredited? 

Short answer? Not yet 😉

In 2023 we increased the Breathwork facilitator training total hour count from 200 to 400 hours. 

The new hour count is one of two necessary steps that we are taking in order to be accredited through the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA). We hope to be fully accredited by late 2024.  

Breath Liberation Society will be the first and only GPBA-accredited program that is owned and operated by a black woman.

This training includes two one-year programs, after completion of the first year facilitators in training will be able to confidently lead private and group sessions. The second advanced year of study will be spent fulfilling the practice teaching and supervision hours necessary to complete the GPBA requirements.  

Frequently Asked Questions

We also have a few amazing events for the community at large. 

Participants are accepted via application only. Apply here now!   

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Breathwork Love

“Breathwork has enabled me to reach deeper inside than I have been able to through meditation. I can always tell how I am really feeling and work through those challenges or pleasures. Chauna is a true healer and holds space for others in a way that promotes growth, healing, introspection, or whatever your soul is calling for at the time. After the first time I did breathwork with Chauna I knew I would continue with the practice.”  — MP

"It gave me a sense of purpose during a time I was not feeling like myself. Having 8 days to connect with myself, using that commitment to gain clarity and closeness to myself was imperative to the next steps in my life. I can breathe a lot of my worry down/ away. Simply focusing on breath instead of the list of things going on these days, and personally has been very transformative." -NM